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13.0 Build 20726

Manage network printers and charge for printed jobs


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13.0 Build 20726

28 يناير 2013

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PaperCut NG is a multiplatform server that allows you to charge for printing jobs made by each user in a local network, the amount of connected time to the Internet or the amount of data used according to a previously established price.

As an option for controlling charging, PaperCut NG includes the ability to create prepaid cards. These include a serial number that the user has to enter into the system when he/she wants to print a page or access the Internet.

PaperCut NG can establish different prices according to the type of printing job that will be done: one sided, two sided, color, etc.

The program can be managed from an online control panel where you can supervise each user’s printer and Internet usage, the amount they have used in the last 30 days and its equivalent impact on the environment.

PaperCut NG also allows a centralized function that can manage the printers and free up the workload when the printing queues are full.

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28 يناير 2013

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12.4 Build 18828 14 سبتمبر 2012
12.1 Build 16778 13 مارس 2012
9.6.8855 2 أكتوبر 2009


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